INVITED TALK: Dr. Barbara Händel - University of Wuerzburg, Germany

2021-09-29 at 14:00



How body movements and cognition interact

Cognitive processes are almost exclusively investigated under highly controlled settings during which voluntary body movements are largely suppressed. However, sensory processing seems to differ drastically between movement states. My special interest lies in the naturally behaving system and I investigate the interaction between cognition, oscillatory brain activity and body movements in naturally behaving humans through the application of various mobile approaches, including wireless EEG, eye and motion tracking and augmented reality. Within this scope I investigate how walking influences attentional visual processes, auditory perception or creativity. A second focus lies on eye movements, their link to perception and their interaction with other movements. Here we specifically ask about the function of eye blinks, how blinks can act as indicator for periods of cognitive processing and attention and about the neuronal effect of blinks on sensory visual cortex. Our work shows complementary neurophysiological and behavioral evidence of the importance of movement state when considering cognitive processes.