Invited talk: Dr. Antoine COUTROT (CNRS)

2021-03-03 at 13:30

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Sea Hero Quest: Testing the navigation skills of 4 million participants with a video game

Some people are very good at navigating, others find it a significant challenge. What determines whether someone will succeed or fail to navigate successfully ? This talk will briefly explore what might make someone a good navigator looking at demographics, cultural background and genes. Data from the mobile app and video game Sea Hero Quest will be presented revealing world-wide patterns in navigation ability of 3.9 million people, and the potential for tracking subtle cognitive markers for Alzheimer’s disease.

Antoine Coutrot holds a Ph.D. degree in Cognitive Science from Grenoble-Alpes University, France, 2014. He currently works as a tenured researcher (chargé de recherche) at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). His research interests include spatial cognition, visual attention, machine learning, and human behaviour modelling in general.