Jean-Baptiste de Saint Aubert (PhD student Sorbonne University)

Vision Institute
Aging in Vision and Action Lab
CNRS – INSERM – Sorbonne University
17, rue Moreau F-75012 Paris, France
Phone: +33 (0)1 53 46 26 54


Research interests:  As we age, we tend to look up less information, take longer to process it and use simpler, less cognitively demanding strategies. Aging is associated with a reduction of exploratory tendencies, especially in the spatial cognition context, and the balance between exploitation and exploration is a fundamental need for adaptive behaviour in a complex and changing world. I am particularly interested in understanding how the decision-making processes involved in spatial navigation are affected by healthy aging as well as the associated exploratory vs. exploitative behaviors. I will approach the study of these mechanisms with electroencephalography (EEG) measurements in a simple two-armed bandit experiment. I will then investigate the possibility of behaviorally impacting the exploratory tendencies of older adults using a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) online-feedback method, which can potentially lead to powerful training and rehabilitative protocols. This work could then be pursued and replicated in a more ecological framework, with an active motion virtual reality navigation task, adding biometric recordings to mobile EEG cortical activity measurements.

Short bio:  I studied mathematics, physics and biology at École polytechnique (X), where I obtained an engineering degree. An ever growing interest for neuroscience, driven by several neurobiology courses, led me to follow the Integrative Biology and Physiology master’s degree, in Neuroscience, at Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris VI, now Sorbonne University). I also hold a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Sorbonne University (Paris IV). I joined the Aging in Vision and Action team for my master’s research internship, where I learned how to conduct mobile EEG experiments and analyse the resulting brain signals. I now pursue my work in the lab as a PhD student.

Keywords: Healthy aging, decision-making, mobile brain imaging, spatial cognition, neurofeedback, reinforcement learning, mobile EEG, virtual reality, MoBI.


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  1. Ramanoel S, Durteste M, Delaux A, de Saint Aubert J-B and Arleo A (2022) Future trends in brain aging research: visuo-cognitive functions at stake during mobility and spatial navigation. Aging Brain, 2:100034.


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