Sonia Combariza (Project Engineer)

Vision Institute
Aging in Vision and Action Lab
CNRS – INSERM – Sorbonne Université
17, rue Moreau F-75012 Paris, France
Phone: +33 (0)1 53 46 26 69

Short bio:

I received my initial professional training in optometry from the La Salle University in Bogota, Colombia, and then the Orthoptics degree. I have been working internationally in the field as a lecturer, trainer and practitioner for over 25 years. Initially I worked in Orthoptics and Optometry at the Escuela Superior de Optometria in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later, I worked in the Contact lens consultation service of Optica Colombiana in Bogota, Colombia, providing primary care, contact lens and binocular training. Concurrently, I completed an advanced diploma in Primary Care at La Salle University in Bogota. Since 2002, I joined the Paris Sud University faculty as a reader in Contact lens, Primary Care and Low Vision. In 2007 I established the university’s Occupational Visual Health Service including screening and research – the Centre Universitaire d’Applications Optomériques. More recently I supported private ophthalmologic consultation work.


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  1. Durteste M, Van Poucke L, Combariza S, Benziane B, Ramanoel S and Arleo A (2022) The vertical position of visual information conditions spatial memory performance in healthy ageing. In 17th International Conference for Young Researchers in Psychology (JSJC), Lille, France.
  2. Durteste M, VanPoucke L, Combariza S, Benziane B, Ramanoel S and Arleo A (2022) Spatial memory in healthy ageing is modulated by upper-lower visual field asymmetries. In Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), Paris, France.