Aging in Vision and Action team JOB OPENINGS

Faculty members

Dr. Angelo Arleo

Director of Research CNRS, PI


Dr. Denis Sheynikhovichph_sheynikhovich

Professor Sorbonne University


Dr. Satoru Otaniph_otani

Researcher INSERM


Dr. Gianluigi Mongilloph_mongillo

Researcher CNRS


Adjoint Faculty members

ph_seiplePr. William H. Seiple

Lighthouse Inc.


Pr. Stephen Ramanoel

University of Côte d’Azur


Dr. Karine Lagrené

Quinze-Vingts Hospital and Sorbonne University


ph_mohandsaidDr. Saddek Mohand-Said (M.D. Ophthalmologist)

Quinze-Vingts Hospital


ph_auboisDr. Anne Aubois (M.D. ENT)

Quinze-Vingts Hospital



Dr. Adrien Chopin

Postdoc Sorbonne University


Dr. Frank Schumann

Postdoc DFG (also affiliated at ENS – Laboratory of Perceptual Systems, dir. Pascal Mamassian)


Dr. Alexis Dubreuil

Postdoc Sorbonne University


Dr. Angela De Stasi

Postdoc Sorbonne University (also affiliated at ICM, in Alberto Bacci’s team)


PhD students

Alexandre Delaux

PhD student


Marion Durteste

PhD student


Jean-Baptiste de Saint Aubert

PhD student


Jothini John-Vyani-Rajalingam

PhD student


Youssouf Cherifi

PhD student


Pierre-Olivier Morin

PhD student


Yannis Chenguiti

PhD student


Alireza Talebi

PhD student (principal affiliation: STREETLAB)


Jimmy Murari

PhD student


Research Engineers and Clinical Associates

Astrid Lassalle

Research engineer


Sonia Combariza

Project engineer


Aude Tremolada

Project engineer


Bilel Benziane

Project engineer


Jérôme Gillet

Project engineer


Ornella Riehm

Project engineer



Wahiba Khemliche

Clinical research associate (At Quinze-Vingts Hospital)


Administrative Manager

Fabienne Tzvetkov-Ricard

Administrative manager


Master students and trainees

Ainhoa Ariztegui, MSc student

Emma Sapoval, MSc student

Marie-Léa Maury, MSc student

Former members