Master courses at UPMC

Master in Integrative Biology

Specialty “Biology of aging and longevity” (M2)

  • Theories, mechanisms and models of aging

Specialty “Neuroscience” (M2)

Master in computer science

Specialty “Bioinformatics and modeling”(M1)

Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology (M1)

  • Statistical analysis of experimental data (UE 4V333)
  • Computer science methods in biology (UE 4V327)

Master courses at ENS – EHESS – Paris 5

Master in Cognitive Sciences (CogMaster, M1)

  • Modélisation robotique en sciences cognitives (CA10)

Master project at Ecole Centrale Paris

Speciality “Research” – Case study (M2)

Master courses at University of Orsay Paris XI

Master in Vision Science (M2)

  • Vision (UE17), course on Visual Cognition

Bachelor (Licence) courses at UPMC

Specialty “Life sciences”

  • L1, Elements of mathematics (UE 1M005)
  • L2, Mathematics and statistics in biology (UE 2V314)
  • L2, Preparatory course to enroll ENV-ENSA-ENITA (Concours B, UE 2V801)
  • L2, Introduction to computational modeling in biology (UE 2V382)
  • L3, Brain and behavior (UE LV345)
  • L3, Biology, mathematical analysis and modeling (UE LV371)

Bachelor (Licence) courses at Ecole Centrale Paris

Speciality “Research” – Introduction to computational neuroscience

Former master courses at UPMC

  • Master in Integrative Biology: Neuroscience
    • Spatial memory and navigation
  • Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology: Bioinformatics and Modeling
    • Neurophysiological and functional imaging bases of information processing and learning
  • Master in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence and Decision
    • Animat
  • Master Sciences et Techniques
    • SdI TD JAVA