Sonia Combariza (Project Engineer)

Vision Institute
Aging in Vision and Action Lab
CNRS – INSERM – Sorbonne Université
17, rue Moreau F-75012 Paris, France
Phone: +33 (0)1 53 46 26 69

Short bio:

I received my initial professional training in optometry from the La Salle University in Bogota, Colombia, and then the Orthoptics degree. I have been working internationally in the field as a lecturer, trainer and practitioner for over 25 years. Initially I worked in Orthoptics and Optometry at the Escuela Superior de Optometria in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later, I worked in the Contact lens consultation service of Optica Colombiana in Bogota, Colombia, providing primary care, contact lens and binocular training. Concurrently, I completed an advanced diploma in Primary Care at La Salle University in Bogota. Since 2002, I joined the Paris Sud University faculty as a reader in Contact lens, Primary Care and Low Vision. In 2007 I established the university’s Occupational Visual Health Service including screening and research – the Centre Universitaire d’Applications Optomériques. More recently I supported private ophthalmologic consultation work.


CV (pdf): [ download ]



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